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Aluminum Coatings

An aluminum roof coating serves two purposes:

  1. Protects the roof from damaging UV light, which can deteriorate the asphalt.
  2. Provides reflectivity, which can lessen your cooling costs.
Aluminum coatings can be applied to:
  • Smooth BURs
  • Modified roofs
  • New roofs of the above types, as part of the installation process
  • Older roofs of the above types, as part of a service and repair job

Why choose Bert Dorr for your aluminum coating?

Many roofing contractors will apply aluminum coatings the fast way – with rollers. Bert Door Roofing will only apply your aluminum coating with brushes, ensuring the coating is applied thoroughly.

Ready to save money and protect your roof? Contact Bert Dorr today for a free quote.

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